Guardian Warm Roof

The Guardian Warm Roof is a popular choice and they have a large network of installers across the country. So how does it compare to our other solid conservatory roofs?

Well, from a strength point of view, it’s not the toughest cookie out there. It has one of the smallest unsupported door spans of all the solid conservatory roofs we compare, which could mean having to invest in goalposts should you be looking for bigger doors.

You’re looking at another three day installation, too, leaving your foundations uncovered a whole 24 hours more than some other solid conservatory roofs.

Weight(kg/m²) 55
U-Value 0.15
Installation Time (days) 3
Minimum Pitch (deg) 15

Component Features

  • Tie Beam Free
    A tie beam is a horizontal bar or beam that ‘ties’ the roof together to keep it in the correct position and supports additional load from wind and snow.

    Solid roof systems that are based on conservatory technology will require a tie beam that is visible inside, but systems based on more traditional building principles have stronger beams and therefore never require a tie beam.
  • Internal Lighting Pelmet
    An internal plastered pelmet which runs around the perimeter where the top of the windows/doors meets the roof. It gives a more extension-like feel to a room and is a great place for spotlights and speakers.
  • Slimline Aluminium Cappings
    Vital to the overall aesthetics of your conservatory roof, most tiles have matching hip and ridge caps, but these can often be quite thick, if you’re after a slimmer, modern look, some systems have a coordinated slimline aluminium capping finish.

    Read more about different finishes here.
  • Thicker Matching Cappings
  • Lightweight Slate Effect Tiles
  • Lightweight Shingle Effect Tiles
  • Traditional Roof Tiles
  • No Cold Spots
    A cold spot is an area of the roof where there is a gap in the insulation, these areas will be colder and creates a greater risk of condensation forming which could lead to mould issues.
  • Fire Tested
    This means the roof has been fire tested as an assembled structure (conservatory). A full fire test evaluates how all the parts of the roof interact in a fire, rather than relying on a fire safety certificate of separate components.
  • Meets Building Regulations
    All solid conservatory roofs require Building Regulation approval because a certificate is required when your sell your home. If a roofing system is already pre-approved, the process is much easier, more certain and quicker.

Finish/Roof Surface:

Guardian Roof Slate
Guardian Roof Slate
Metrotile Shingle
Guardian Esprit Roof Tiles

Adaptable & Unique Shaping

Guardian Warm Roof UK
Guardian Tiled Conservatory Roof
Guardian Conservatory Roof

Guarding Your Conservatory Against the Weather

The Guardian Warm Roof symbolises a strong and dependable protector against the worst the British weather has to offer. It uses a fully waterproof membrane to repel pesky rain away from your conservatory, keeping it nice and dry. It's durable construction also makes it a tough cookie against degradation and weathering, making a strong barrier against wind and other weather effects. Its aluminium framing keeps it nice and light but doesn't compromise on any strength.

Guardian Warm Roof UK

Say Goodbye to Cold Bridges and Condensation

You can never have too much insulation when it comes to your conservatory, and the same goes for its hat! The Guardian Warm Roof system lives up to its middle name, providing your conservatory with a toasty environment all year round. Insulation is implemented in every layer of the solid conservatory roofs design with two layers of rigid insulation board, internal insulated plasterboard, exterior grade plywood and a vapour membrane. That’s a bunch of fancy parts that keep your conservatory a constant, bearable temperature throughout the year.

You can say goodbye to the cold and condensation with the Guardian Warm Roof system.

Guardian Replacement Roof UK

Configured for You

Isn’t it nice being able to make your new solid conservatory roof truly your own? The Guardian Warm Roof system certainly thinks so, with a whole load of options to make the roof truly suit your style. You can go for skylights for your new tiled roof to invite in all that lovely natural light and make your conservatory a really bright space. Better yet, there’s a choice between tiles and slates to match your home, and they come with a bunch of colour options as well. The result is almost too much choice and complete flexibility to suit you.

Guardian Conservatory Roof UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Guardian Warm Roof fit my conservatory?

Getting that perfect fit is top of the Guardian's list, and it takes that list very seriously. The Guardian Warm Roofs are made bespoke to your requirements to ensure a really snug fit. It also means that even if your conservatory is a little unique, it’ll still be able to have a roof that’s right for it.

Will there be a mess and disruption to my home?

Nobody likes mess and disruption, particularly around their lovely home, and with the Guardian Warm Roof system, you won’t have to worry about it! This solid conservatory roof is pre-fabricated far away from your home to make installation a breeze and keep all the mess away from your property.

How long does it take to install?

Like a kid on Christmas Eve, we don’t like waiting to get our brand new toys. The Guardian Warm Roof system's installation is a very short 3 days, much quicker than old styles of replacement roofs. You can spend more time enjoying your conservatory and less time waiting around.

Are there options and finishes available?

Why not make the Guardian Warm Roof all your own with our range of customisation options and colours on offer? From tiles to skylights, there's almost too much choice, with a range to suit any style so you can give your conservatory a really special treatment.
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