Celsius Solid Roof

The Celsius solid roof has more timber than other systems that combine an aluminium framework with timber boards and battens which means the Celsius roof is very thermally efficient, helping to keep your conservatory a nice and toasty place 365 days a year. It also keeps those annoying heating bills nice and low!

Envirotiles keep your conservatory comfy and warm and also look absolutely stunning, but these tiles give yet another great benefit. They’re made from 100% recycled material so not only are you helping keep your conservatory a lovely toasty temperature, but you're saving the planet too!

There are a range of tile styles as well so that you can find the ones that really bring out the glamour of your home.

Weight(kg/m²) 40
U-Value 0.16
Installation Time (days) 3
Minimum Pitch (deg) 12.5

Component Features

  • Tie Beam Free
    A tie beam is a horizontal bar or beam that ‘ties’ the roof together to keep it in the correct position and supports additional load from wind and snow.

    Solid roof systems that are based on conservatory technology will require a tie beam that is visible inside, but systems based on more traditional building principles have stronger beams and therefore never require a tie beam.
  • Internal Lighting Pelmet
    An internal plastered pelmet which runs around the perimeter where the top of the windows/doors meets the roof. It gives a more extension-like feel to a room and is a great place for spotlights and speakers.
  • Slimline Aluminium Cappings
    Vital to the overall aesthetics of your conservatory roof, most tiles have matching hip and ridge caps, but these can often be quite thick, if you’re after a slimmer, modern look, some systems have a coordinated slimline aluminium capping finish.

    Read more about different finishes here.
  • Thicker Matching Cappings
  • Lightweight Slate Effect Tiles
  • Lightweight Shingle Effect Tiles
  • Traditional Roof Tiles
  • No Cold Spots
    A cold spot is an area of the roof where there is a gap in the insulation, these areas will be colder and creates a greater risk of condensation forming which could lead to mould issues.
  • Fire Tested
    This means the roof has been fire tested as an assembled structure (conservatory). A full fire test evaluates how all the parts of the roof interact in a fire, rather than relying on a fire safety certificate of separate components.
  • Meets Building Regulations
    All solid conservatory roofs require Building Regulation approval because a certificate is required when your sell your home. If a roofing system is already pre-approved, the process is much easier, more certain and quicker.

Finish/Roof Surface:

Celsius Roofs UK

Window Fittings

Celsius Tiled Roof UK
Celsius Solid Roof
Celsius Roof UK

All Year Round Use

What's the use of having a conservatory if you can only use it a few months every year? Too often in the past conservatories have been too cold in the winter and too hot in summer.

Well, those days are gone! The Celsius solid conservatory roof uses excellent insulating materials so that you can use your conservatory how you want when you want. Come winter spring summer or autumn; your conservatory will be a consistently comfortable temperature all year round.

Celsius Solid Roof - All Year Round Use

Environmentally Friendly Design

It’s good to help out the earth when we can, after all, it is the place we call home! The Celsius tiled conservatory roof does its part, right from the inside and out.

The timber used in the structure is recyclable and natural, and the tiles are made from 100% recycled material as well! So not only does it help keep your energy and heating bills to a minimum, but it also helps protect our environment and save those cuddly polar bears!

Celsius Tiled Roof

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I be able to use my conservatory with a Celsius solid roof?

All the time! Your conservatory won’t be freezing in winter and unbearably hot in summer any longer thanks to the Celsius solid roof's great energy efficiency. It’ll be a constant, cosy temperature all 365 days a year so that you can get the most out of your snug extension.

Is installation hassle free and easy?

You bet! The Celsius solid roof is delivered to your home as a kit and put together on site, like a jigsaw puzzle. There’s no need for big machinery and disruptive building work making for a very non disruptive, hassle free and quick installation, so you can relax while your new roof is installed.

Does the Celsius solid roof make the most of daylight?

Natural light is a great alternative to noisy and wasteful electrically powered systems. Why have a bunch of lights on when you can just use the sun? Glazed roof vents can be placed into your Celsius solid roof to let the light shine upon your conservatory.

Will this solid conservatory roof help keep my bills down?

The Celsius solid roof will do its part to keep those seemingly ever rising heating bills to a minimum. Thanks to its heat retaining tiles and glazing, that cosy warmth will stay in your conservatory much longer and better than before so you can keep that thermostat nice and low.

Do I have to clean the Celsius solid roof regularly?

We prefer the term fit and forget. Once up and running, this solid conservatory roof doesn't require any constant attention to carry on doing its job. Just give it a bit of a hosing once or twice a year, and the roof will do the rest.
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